Paintings of silhouettes are often depicted in dim light against a bright background so that details are revealed in restricted light. A silhouette painting is best suited for beginners because it will help them learn about blending different acrylic colors and how to maintain a consistent color palette. The most popular colors to use for silhouette paintings are acrylics, but I would personally go for poster colors. Acrylic colors dry quickly, hence we can draw over them in one color anything like a reference image such as a person, animal, scenery, or object. This is the most common way of painting this.

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Easy Silhouette Painting

Fill in the background with more than one colors to create depth. The silhouette is uses multiple colors to create depth in the background. Black is traditionally used for silhouettes. You might want to try something different. Create an interesting set of colors like those shown in this image by mixing darker and lighter shades.

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Base Colours

For this simple silhouette painting, I have utilized 4 main colors like Cadmium Yellow Medium, Lemon Yellow, Permanent Orange, White. For blending these colors, I used no.10 synthetic hair paintbrushes, which were excellent at holding liquid and were extremely smooth for the actual application of the paint.

Tips: To ensure that chemicals do not contaminate synthetic brushes, clean them with warm soapy water after use. Nonetheless, use a solvent to clean them after you use them with Oil-Based Paint.

In order to achieve the perfect finish, I have used detailing synthetic hair brushes for the cloud and sun. You’ll get a better grip, more comfort, and more mobility with a detailing brush.

Here is the drawing outline for this Painting. This image can be printed and traced over your canvas or paper. You can use carbon paper for tracing.

Easy Silhouette Painting 1
Silhouette Drawing

For the river, I have used Cadmium Yellow Medium, Lemon Yellow, and Permanent Orange.

For blending those colors, I used a similar technique to that used for the sky.

now I have used black color to paint the horizontal line and the ground.

Place the cut out of the stork and draw an outline.

Pic 17
Sunset Silhouette Painting

We’re done with our easy silhouette painting. Thanks for visiting us…

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