Synthetic acrylic paint gives life to acrylic paintings, which can be both beautiful and highly durable. Acrylic paint is quick to dry and is a good alternative to oil paint.

This acrylic painting for beginners is an easy project that you can do on canvas or canvas pad! 

Although it’s a simple painting for beginners, you will find that the tutorial process is very satisfying and the end result is well worth the effort.

Painting Tutorial Video

Acrylic Painting Tutorial For Beginners

This acrylic painting is suitable for beginners. The following steps will guide you in creating this on your own. The detailed ingredients are shared below, so let’s get started…

Step by Step Acrylic Painting

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 2

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create an acrylic painting step by step. Once the background is complete, you begin your painting. As I mentioned earlier, this is a simple painting for beginners, so I kept it as simple as possible… I have used Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue, and Titanium White as the background colors.

It is imperative to use artist acrylic color because artist acrylic paint is a fast-drying, multi-purpose, multi-surface medium. Artist acrylic paint is permanent, durable, glossy, and long-lasting. In addition, these paints are convenient to use, store, and carry, with a long shelf life…

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 3

Beginners sometimes find it difficult to blend paint with a brush, instead of using a paintbrush, I used a sponge to blend colors, this is an easy technique to use when painting with acrylics. This technique is used in almost all of my acrylic paintings…

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 4

 B Beginners can learn this step-by-step acrylic painting at home. I hope everyone finds this tutorial helpful.

Simple Painting for Beginners

In this case, I used an 8B pencil to create the streetlamps. I’ve tried to keep this acrylic painting simple even though it’s a simple Painting for Beginners.

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 5

Choose any street lamp you want; you can find many ideas about its shape and style online… One thing you should remember is that you own the canvas. Draw and paint what you want.

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 6

Using acrylic paint, I have shared a tutorial for painting a street lamp. To create an illumination effect, I have first painted the outline in black and then blended yellow and white colors with a dry brush.

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 7

Grey and white colors provide some shadow over the pole of the street lamp.

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 8

Now, I have drawn these brunches with a thin paintbrush (Brush no.02)

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 9

In this acrylic painting tutorial for beginners, I’ll demonstrate how to make this silhouetted figure. On the paper, I’ve drawn the figure outline, then cut it out.

For beginners, this painting is simple. In silhouettes, one color is used to depict the image of a person or object and the color of the background is relatively light. Silhouettes are easy to paint and are perfect for beginner painters. In contrast to the background, the silhouette’s shape stands out and represents a shadow.

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 10

Finish by adding a little blossom and snowfall.

step by step acrylic painting for beginners 1 1

Our Acrylic Step-by-Step Painting is complete. I hope you all like it.

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