Learn How To Draw Easy Watercolors For Beginners by following this watercolor painting tutorial. Although watercolours are a little bit tricky for beginners, they are quite adaptable and useful if you handle them properly.

Colored watercolors have pigments in them, and they are transparent in color. In fact, I think the best aspect about watercolors is that light bounces off their white surfaces and bounces up through the colors, creating truly stunning effects. Additionally, this medium can be used to make some easy paintings.

Watercolor paintings are an interest of mine, and the artists I found on the Internet inspired me greatly. My main focus has been to make watercolor painting tutorials and easy paintings for beginners.

Tutorial Video

Watercolor Painting Tutorial

This Watercolor Painting Tutorial will not be successful if you choose the wrong drawing pad or paper, so I have chosen a cotton-based, hot-pressed, 300gsm drawing pad that is alcohol-free.

easy watercolor drawings 2

I tried to keep this painting easy and simple since it’s a beginner watercolor painting. A boy and a red kite are the main elements of this composition. If your watercolor painting represents a person, then I have suggested starting the painting with the skin tone.

for the skin tone color, I have used White, Yellow Ocher, and Scarlet Lake.

easy watercolor drawings 3

A cloudy sky and direct sunlight are the two most common types of lighting that influence the qualities of easy watercolor paintings.

You can see how I applied the skin tone and added some shadows in this painting. The way we use shadow in our paintings is easy and ruins the piece at the same time.

easy watercolor drawings 4

Here I have used Crimson Lake and Vermilion Red for the dress and for the pant I have used Burnt Sienna and Prussian Blue.

easy watercolor drawings 5

Keeping everything simple as it is a beginner watercolor painting, I tried to make it as simple as possible. With a thin brush, I painted several trees and shrubbery. For beginners, this technique works well.

easy watercolor drawings 6

Detailing the outline with a brown micron pen completed the final touches…

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