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Create your very own DIY Wire Photo Holder for a wonderful handmade gift with Artisan Pallet. Wire photo holders are very easy to make at home. These DIY wire photo holders would be an outstanding present idea for a loved one. Just attach a photo or a note to the photo holder and give it to your beloved person.

So Let’s begin…

Step 1 : Prepared a Base of DIY Photo Holder

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Here I have used a piece of cardboard and cut it into 4 circular shapes. Though it is a completely handmade Diy project, so the size can be varied for everyone. Anyone can make any desired size or shape to create the base of this DIY Picture Holder. In my case, the base size is approximately 9cm.

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Stick that cardboard with the help of a hot glue gun. The base thickness of this wire photo holder totally depends on you, you can decrease or increase the base thickness as per your selection of the size and shape of your DIY handmade gift.

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I have covered the base with white glitter, as I have made a winter scene with two cute little penguins and a few snowballs so I think this white glitter will be appropriate for this wire picture holder stand. You can choose other colours too but must remember that the colour will be relevant to your DIY project.

Step 2 : Making the Penguins for DIY Photo Holder

Photo memo holder Pic 5

I am not so good at sculpting, so I resolved this problem with this aluminium sheet. Believe me, it’s a super easy and simple technic that anyone can easily make this cute DIY handmade gift with. Fold and crumble the aluminium foil as your desired shape.

Step 3 : Making the Airdry Clay

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For this project, I have used this mouldit clay it is an Easy-to-Use Epoxy Compound Air dry  Clay and perfect for Crafting. You can use it to create shapes and 3D artworks.

You can find 2 packets inside it, one is hardener and the other is resin, mix those properly until you get a white clay and the best part of this clay is that It will take only 10-20 minutes to completely dry.

Photo memo holder Pic 7

Covered those shapes with this clay…

Photo memo holder Pic 9

After that, I have to add wings, beaks, mufflers and other elements. Then our penguins are almost ready. yet you have any doubt about the process please check out this video

Step 4 : Paint it

Photo memo holder Pic 10

Here I have used Acrylic paint to paint those penguins.

Step 5 : Final Step

Photo memo holder Pic 11

Let’s place the elements on the base with the help of a hot glue gun.

Photo memo holder Pic 12

I have also made those tiny snowballs with the same air dry clay.

Photo memo holder Pic 13

Finally, I have placed the photo clip or the wire.

I think it is super cute and the best DIY Handmade gift idea. What are you think about it????

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