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Looking for some lovely  DIY cardboard Christmas village to enhance your home in this holiday season? Then this handmade Christmas village Idea will surely fulfill your home with some extra Holiday Cheer.

Those who are filled with Christmas spirit, I invite you to explore this easy and simple DIY Christmas decoration Idea on the following pages.

And so we begin…

Make Your Own Christmas Village Houses

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house 1 1

Small paper houses and paper trees are the main elements of this DIY Christmas village. You can use these free house templates to make your own creative Christmas village this holiday season. Cut it out according to the house template layout.

DIY Christmas Paper Vilage 3

The paper house will look like this after you cut the house templates. As you can see here I have drawn some outlines with a pencil over the cutout layer and folded them according to the pencil lines, it will help you to create the Christmas village house properly.

DIY Christmas Paper Vilage 5

In this way, you can fold the edges of the house template and your 1st DIY Christmas village home is getting ready.

Tutorial Video on Handmade Christmas Village

I have shown all detail in the tutorial video so, please check it out

Similarly, you can create other paper houses to complete the DIY Christmas village houses.

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Let’s make the Trees for this DIY Cardboard Christmas village

DIY Christmas Paper Vilage 9
christmas tree

Download this template from the given below. I think these trees are perfectly suitable for my DIY cardboard Christmas village.

DIY Christmas Paper Vilage 10

I think these beautiful Christmas trees are perfectly fit for the Christmas village decoration. by making this project I have learned how easily anyone can create a Christmas tree with cardboard and use it in different DIY projects.

DIY Christmas village Elements

DIY Christmas Paper Vilage 11

I have made these Christmas village houses and trees by using some cardboard and mountboard pieces.

Preparing the Base for the DIY Christmas Village

DIY Christmas Paper Vilage 13

For the base here I have used. a 10”/10” cardboard. you can choose your base size according to your project, it’s totally up to you..but belives me if you can add more elements in this Christmas village the beauty of this project will enhance more and more.

DIY Christmas Paper Vilage 12

I have used fairy lights to give the magical effect in my DIY Christmas Village.

Now you can place the paper houses and the trees by your choice or as it is shown in this picture. To stick the houses over the base, here I have used some white glue or hot glue.

Finally, Our DIY Handmade Christmas Village is ready

DIY Christmas Paper Vilage 16

Now Finally, Our DIY handmade Christmas village is ready for the winter holidays. I must say that this is a cute affordable budget-friendly super fun project. you can make this on your own or with the kids too.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, you and your family.

Thank you

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