Mixed Media Buddha Painting 9

Art that combines a variety of media into one work is called mixed media art. Mixed Media Art can be as simple as drawing something with an Ink pen and painting it over with watercolors or acrylic, then adding some highlights with colored pencils or markers.

So let’s enjoy the process of creating this mixed media drawing.

Choose the Correct Paper

Mixed Media Buddha Painting 1 1

In this type of watercolor mixed media painting the paper is play an important role. Please use 300 gsm cold-pressed, alcohol-free paper, and must check out the surface and its thickness. In my case, this paper is just right for my mixed media drawings.

Draw an outline sketch of your painting.

Step by Step Process of Water Colour on Mixed Media Paper

Mixed Media Buddha Painting 2

My subject for this daily art challenge is a piece of the Remarkable Lord Buddha. I wanted to do something different from conventional mixed media art, so I added some flowers and leaves to the image of Lord Buddha. Don’t you think it turned out nicely?

Mixed Media Buddha Painting 3

In this mixed media painting, I’ll show you how I created this Buddha painting from start to finish.

Follow these steps process to learn how to create your own mixed media art by blending and combining with some watercolors, Sheading pencils, some ink pens, and markers.

Here I have started the mixed media drawing with the four ground.

Tutorial Video

Use the Technical Pens for Detailing

Mixed Media Buddha Painting 4

I just love to do work with these technical pens. Must purchase those pens which are waterproof, quick-drying, and pigment-based. These types of ink pens are really great for illustrations, fine arts, journaling, and paper crafting.

Mixed Media Buddha Painting 5

For the bold outline, I have used a 0.8mm (nib size) pen.

Mixed Media Buddha Painting 7

I have used some charcoal pencils for the shedding and blended them with a paper blender.

Final Touches

Mixed Media Buddha Painting 9 1

Once the shedding is complete, add some graphite powder to the background with a flat brush, and blend the powder carefully.

After that, you’re Water Color mixed media painting is done!

Mixed Media Buddha Painting THUMB

I hope you guys, like this Mixed Media Art.

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