Do you want ideas on how to create a flat character design? Good news! Here is a collection of over a hundred flat character design ideas that will inspire your creativity.

The flat design is characterized by simple elements, typography, and flat colors evident in its elements. Flat design can be preferred by designers because it simplifies interface designs and allows them to be more streamlined and efficient.

Essentially, flat design is a two-dimensional pattern. It does not have shading, glare, or highlights that enhance the image to make it look 3D. Rather, flat illustrations are drawn in a 2D style in order to convey information more rapidly.

The flat illustrational style is undoubtedly one of the most popular art styles of today. These days, many illustrators and designers are creating their work in flat form because you can use it to be the versatile way.

Flat Ilustration 3

Let’s look at some examples:

Flat Ilustration 4
Flat Ilustration 2

On the other hand, character design is an artistic field found in all areas of illustration and graphic design. Flat character design appears in advertisements, children’s book illustrations, posters, websites, app designs, and banners. Combining flat characters and design becomes a strong symbiosis that influences audiences.

Flat Ilustration 5

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Flat Ilustration 1

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