Making a room feel more personal with wall decor is one way to make it feel more like home, this repurposed craft wall hanging is a great way to decorate your walls and attract the attention of those who are looking for handmade home decor, so I consider this wall decor to be one of my favorite wall decor pieces ever…

Recycled Crafts

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Wall Hanging with Clay and Old Cardboard (Recycled Craft)

The best thing about this easy wall-hanging decor item is that it is inexpensive to make. To make this recycled craft, you only need a few supplies.


Old cardboard,

Foam sheet

Aluminum foil

Air-dry clay

Acrylic Paint


Hot glue gun

Tutorial video

These cardboard crafts are awesome fun that you can create yourself with very little materials. Using old boxes as a base, you can create a wonderful wall hanging.

easy wall hanging 1

In tIn this image, I have cut out a heart shape from old cardboard. You can use the technique for any shape. You just need to cover the cardboard with foam to make it functional.

The colorful foam sheets can easily be cut with a craft knife. Being lightweight and affordable, these are extremely versatile and cost-effective.

easy wall hanging 2

Aluminum foil was used to make two oval shapes and a branched shape.

easy wall hanging 3

I have now covered the shapes with Air Dry Clay.

easy wall hanging 4

Don’t paint the clay after it gets completely dry, it will take 10-20 minutes to dry. Use bright and vivid colors to make the wall decor item stands out. I think cardboard craft would be a great present for any occasion.

easy wall hanging 5

For the tiny flowers and leaves, I have used Plastic cookie cutters which are easily available online. With a hot glue gun, I have attached those flowers and leaves to the cardboard base.

I hung the wall hanging with ribbon and tucked it behind the cardboard craft.

easy wall hanging 6

After placing the objects, doesn’t this recycled creation seem pretty cool? Isn’t it? Share your thoughts below. I’d appreciate your feedback so that I might make more decor crafts like this in the future.

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My cardboard craft is ready now, and I hope you will be inspired to create something amazing with it. You can use your old cardboard in fun ways by following the instructions below. These homemade gifts are wonderful and easy to make.

You can find more recycled crafts by clicking here. Please stay updated with us. Thanks for your support…

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